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I was raised Christian… I get Christians. I understand the bible… and a great deal of it is committed to memory (pops up at the oddest moments, too). As I moved towards agnosticism, the one thing I never missed was that “us and them” bullshit. As humans, we gravitate towards dichotomy. It’s easy… yes/no, good/bad, … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Rupert

Rupert Brooke died on this day in 1915. Rupert who? B.r.o.o.k.e. The poet who penned the lines from which “wawbat” was pulled… that’s who. He is best known for his ‘war sonnets’ If I should die, think only this of me: That there’s some corner of a foreign field that is for ever England. but … Continue reading



“Je savais que le bien comme le mal est affaire de routine, que le temporaire se prolonge, que l’extérieur s’infiltre au dedans, et que le masque, à la longue, devient visage.” “I knew that good like bad becomes a routine, that the temporary tends to endure, that what is external permeates to the inside, and … Continue reading