Living and Loving

When K had cancer, everything I knew about life and love and being a parent went out the window. I did not believe that it was possible for me to feel more than I already felt for her, but those two and a half years spent in treatment radically changed the way I saw everything. During the darkest moments, when she was whittled down to skin and bones and could barely walk, this song took on special significance. “You walk past me, I can feel your pain…”  Oh, how I wept when this song played. Watching her lose her hair, seeing her body turn against itself… “You’re still you… after all, you’re still you.” It was K -her spirit and her strength- that carried us all through those long days and nights. “I look up to, everything you are… and in this cruel and lonely world, I found one love…

And she was still her, and she is still her… My sweet K, the most precious gift I ever received and my greatest gift to the world.
No child has ever fought harder and no mother has ever been prouder.
I cherish every day we have together. She (of course) doesn’t know this blog exists, but I share this part of myself with you for one reason and one reason alone: To remind us all that our time on this plane of existence is short and sweet… and we should cherish the people sharing that time with us.

One thought on “[spawn]

  1. Your words changed this song for me completely. I had no idea. We meet people and know them quite a while sometimes not knowing the problems they have encountered because people don’t volunteer that they have problems. You really impress me, Wawbat. Thanks.

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