Most of these songs get me in a certain mood … nice…
Here they are, in no particular order
Sorry about any commercials you may have to endure
Hey, do me a favor and report any dead links to me, m’kay?

Crying (Roy Orbison and kd Lang)

Just good, solid, craft here… and the most soulful harmonica ever

While My Guitar Gently Weeps from Across the Universe (Martin Luther and Jim Sturgess)

Ring My Bells (Enrique Iglesias)

two beautiful and painfully young people – another slow tease

A lovely instrumental version here

El Tango de Roxanne (From Moulin Rouge)

who knew that suspenders could be that sexy?

Light as the Breeze (Billy Joel and Leonard Cohen)

just good stuff – vocals, brass, piano – perfection

Figured You Out (Nickelback)

because at least some eye contact during a blow job is just good manners  😉

Let’s make a night to remember (Bryan Adams)

hate hate hate the visuals… when did emaciated become the new sexy… but the song? good stuff

Closer (Nine Inch Nails)

you bring me closer to god, indeed

Vivere aka Dare to Live (Andrea Bocelli and Laura Pausini)

Gorgeous voices and apparently… lovely friends
Oh, and I want her dress

Lyrics (in both languages) available here: Vivere

Heartbeat (Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger)

I like the music and the visuals more than the lyrics

I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (Dana Fuchs) but also like Otis Redding’s version

gorgeous woman who growls out a songshe’s like good whiskey

Melanconia aka Wicked Game (Il Divo)

yes, they are pretty boys

no, there’s nothing wrong with the Chris Isaak version, but I like this better

“what a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you”

Tainted Love (Marilyn Manson)

there is nothing sexier than a smart and funny manyou don’t scare me, Brian Warner

Who wants to live forever (Seal with Queen in the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert)

Links to More

Fever (Little Willie John)

I will never be the same (Melissa Etheridge) from a great little movie, “Welcome Home, Roxie Carmichael”

The Red Strokes (Garth Brooks)

Darling Nikki (Prince)

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