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bat magic

Recently, i had the opportunity to reconnect with someone i’d known 30 years ago. His introduction to “bat” will be here.  His first taste of this blog will come from this post. i wrote something similar for Captain Chunky and some of this info is in my “Whatza wawbat” page as well. Today? i introduce … Continue reading

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when buddha stroked

i assume the Buddha masturbated…i assume that the Christ also masturbated…as did his mother. They were humans, after all… if they existed at all… they were humans with all the human desires.  Someone’s likely to get their panties in a bunch over this, but only (in my opinion) because they equate masturbation with sin or … Continue reading

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i am potential incarnate

At heart, i am a researcher. We like to triangulate. We ferret out details, we collect data, and we like to confirm findings… oh… confirm, confirm, challenge again, confirm. It’s the scientific process. It exists for a reason; it allows humans to suspend affective responses and to see reality… to understand the world empirically. It … Continue reading

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Shut your mouth, wawbat

Here’s the mouth that needs to spend more time closed… yup, my mouth. Don’t misunderstand… my bread and butter is talking. A critical component to that professional talking is the ability to listen and think simultaneously. It’s not an arena in which I can stop, contemplate, form a thoughtful response, and deliver said response after … Continue reading