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i am potential incarnate

At heart, i am a researcher. We like to triangulate. We ferret out details, we collect data, and we like to confirm findings… oh… confirm, confirm, challenge again, confirm. It’s the scientific process. It exists for a reason; it allows humans to suspend affective responses and to see reality… to understand the world empirically. It … Continue reading

Real life


On occasion, people will say, “bat, you are an instigator” Guilty as charged. i can be a bit of a shit-stirrer, though i’d like to believe that i stir the pot in a good way rather than a bad… i try. i often reply that i’m more of a facilitator.  i like to “make” folks … Continue reading

Real life

Ebb and Flow

The things I want to say are not flowing from my fingertips. I’ve typed, backspaced, typed, deleted… it’s getting ridiculous.  What I want to say just feels too private to share – even with anonymity – so, I’ll choose to share those thoughts with the two people that matter – and share this post with … Continue reading