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daddy dearest

i wrote a piece for an english class years ago. We were reading Socrates.  i focused on Antigone and her father (Oedipus, of course).  “Like father, like daughter” was the title of the paper… and that pretty much sums it up. While most people view the oedipal story through the lens of males and their … Continue reading

Music / Real life

when buddha stroked

i assume the Buddha masturbated…i assume that the Christ also masturbated…as did his mother. They were humans, after all… if they existed at all… they were humans with all the human desires.  Someone’s likely to get their panties in a bunch over this, but only (in my opinion) because they equate masturbation with sin or … Continue reading

Real life

i am broken

She  asked me, “Does it ever go away?” and i wanted to tell her it did… but couldn’t lie to her. “No,” i told her… “it doesn’t ever go away…” and she continued crying – her pale skin blotching with emotion… her shaking hands taking kleenex after kleenex from mine . i told her that … Continue reading