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In the biblical story of Moses and the burning bush, Moses is minding his own business, working for his father-in-law, dontchaknow (tending the flock) and angels set a bush on fire. That is an attention-getter to be certain. Of course, if i saw a burning bush, i’d be dousing it with whatever water was handy, … Continue reading

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i’ve fleshed out my greater power, or at least i think i have. This exercise has been frustrating and thought-provoking.  Those who know me are aware of why i’ve been tasked with fleshing out my GOD. Remember the old agnostic prayer?  “Oh God, if there is a God, save my soul, if I have a … Continue reading

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I was raised Christian… I get Christians. I understand the bible… and a great deal of it is committed to memory (pops up at the oddest moments, too). As I moved towards agnosticism, the one thing I never missed was that “us and them” bullshit. As humans, we gravitate towards dichotomy. It’s easy… yes/no, good/bad, … Continue reading

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I surrender all

I have an old hymn stuck in my mind… “I surrender all.”  Funny how those hymns are floating around in my brain all these years later. Before you start attaching too much significance to this, Ogden Nash is floating around in there as well, as is Spike Jones, and that silly ditty that starts, “One … Continue reading