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last supper

i’ve wanted to write about this restaurant since i left a bright Cleveland sidewalk and walked through the rusty old bank doors… as my eyes adjusted to its quirky architecture and art, i was sold. When i tasted the food? i was sprung… loved the experience. It’s called Touch Supper Club. You can visit the … Continue reading

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The Bunkhouse Rules

i spent another weekend with kindred spirits in a nice secluded spot on the planet. Most of the time was spent in the bunkhouse… the most interesting place in its simplicity of form but complexity of function. In that place, people share trials and triumphs, engage in philosophical and metaphysical discussions that make my head … Continue reading

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i am potential incarnate

At heart, i am a researcher. We like to triangulate. We ferret out details, we collect data, and we like to confirm findings… oh… confirm, confirm, challenge again, confirm. It’s the scientific process. It exists for a reason; it allows humans to suspend affective responses and to see reality… to understand the world empirically. It … Continue reading

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i’ve grown accustomed

It is surprising – but not altogether frightening – how quickly we can form attachments to others. Some of these unions sweep us away with their emotional turbulence. Others quietly build in strength … unnoticed, really… until we are securely in the midst of something wonderful yet unexpected. It’s usually the thought of losing the … Continue reading