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my middle-of-the-night missive sounded like a haiku, He said. It occurred to me then, that i haven’t written one of those in awhile… and why not for Him? Elements by Lindsey Stirling (pardon any leading commercials or ads on this page) Original Haiku: wawbat Original Image Source: Continue reading

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i have been giving some thought to my sanity and the sanity of others. The other day, there was one of those brief conversations at the casa de wawbat.  After reading something aloud to my daughter that seemed both unpredictable and crazy, i looked across the room to her and: me:  i don’t think of myself … Continue reading

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i’ve grown accustomed

It is surprising – but not altogether frightening – how quickly we can form attachments to others. Some of these unions sweep us away with their emotional turbulence. Others quietly build in strength … unnoticed, really… until we are securely in the midst of something wonderful yet unexpected. It’s usually the thought of losing the … Continue reading

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all of me

i realize that i get shy at weird times… in some ways, perhaps, it is an endearing quality… i get shy when i am complimented, for instance. And what greater compliment can be paid than for someone to train a lens on you? Each snap says, “what I see in you is something worth capturing… … Continue reading