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An Apology to the World: I’m sorry about The Donald

Dear fellow inhabitants of the planet,

I realize very few of you read my blog (wink) but I wish this message could reach all of you.

I am sorry about The Donald.

images I am sorry if you watch television coverage and see this face and think for even a moment that this man represents America OR Americans.

I am sorry if you’ve heard the ridiculous rants and thought we all think/speak this way. I assure you… we do not.

I apologize if you see his supporters (and there are sadly many of them) and think that all of us over in the States have lost our collective minds.

It doesn’t matter how many flags this man stands in front of, he is not the best of America…  not even close.

It doesn’t matter how many times he spews vitriolic nonsense… saying it over and over does not make it truth.

They say that “the suit makes the man” but the expensive suits and ties come courtesy of hard-working people. It is their sweat and tears… not his… that make it possible for this man to enjoy the lifestyle he has. He’s the king of do-overs. Other Americans have bailed his companies out  over-and-over and most of us (imho) cringe when we hear him say that he can “make America great again” (the nerve).

Try to remember that there are (I promise) thinking Americans who do not support this man in any way, shape, or form.

So yes… television cameras love this story. They also cover stories about tropical storms that devastate, and lunatics that rampage, and entertainers experiencing wardrobe malfunctions.  Our entertainment choices are questionable… many of us have watched this dude for decades:


What can I say? We are easily amused.  Just please try to remember… The Donald is not us.  That song-and-dance is nothing but a circus routine and he just happens to be our clown du jour.

On behalf of the rest of us? I’d just like to apologize for the fact that our talking heads have given him so much airtime. Somewhere along the line, the court jester thought he could ascend the throne and it’s been entertaining to the rest of us, so we’ve been watching the show.

Our bad.

We should do better.


This North American bat

PS- In the off-chance that this this dude becomes POTUS, I’ll need to relocate for sanity’s sake. I’d love your input on which country would be the nicest to settle in 🙂


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